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Born on the East coast of Canada and now living on the West coast in Vancouver. I've been interested in music my whole life and became fascinated with making my own beats over the last 2 years. My goal is to provide affordable instrumental beats for up and coming hip hop artists to express themselves on. This website contains a selection of some of my favorite sample based beats to date.

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Please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I buy a beat that is listed on your Soundcloud but is not in your beat store?

My beat store is full of hand picked beats. if you hear beats from my other pages then fell free to contact me at or via any of my social media. I can always add them to the store!

What file formats do you offer?

Currently I am offering .MP3 and .WAV files as well as packaged stems/track outs (in .wav format)

How much are custom beats?

Custom beats can vary in price depending on what is required. Feel free to contact me at if you want a certain sample flipped or have special requests and we can discuss further

What if I cant afford a beat?

I'm open to working with and supporting all artists. The purpose of this beat store is to make a profit on a hobby that I invested a lot of my own time and money into over the years. However, I have been known to work within peoples budgets so email me [] and you never know what could happen!

Issues with your purchase?

please contact me at or on my social media accounts immediately. I want to offer a positive experience for everyone that visits this page. If there are any issues then I need to know about them right away.

How can I share my finished songs with you?

I'm always interested in hearing what artists can do with my beats. by all means, tag me in any of the social medias linked at the top of this page or email me at

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